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Portuguese and Spanish Tack
Portuguese Riding Costume and Craftmanship
Selection of well-bred Lusitano Horses for sale




Mane Comb
Mane comb. A gentle comb for Iberian manes, produced from cow's horn. 12€

Leather belts
Leather belts. Hand crafted leather belts with a wide range of metal buckles with horse motives. Available in black, brown, burgundy, tan, golden leather and black or brown cowhide. More belts. Buckles. Leather samples. 37€


Leather keyring
Leather keyring selection. Cow bell, horse shoe and initial. Leather and brass. 7€


Hat box
Hat box. All leather case, fully decorated with patterns and metal studs. Tan leather. Shaped to store the Portuguese hat. Other models available for the storage of some peculiar hats, namely the bullfighter’s hat, the classical school’s hat and the bullfighting rider’s hat. 210€

Iberian stallion tiles
Iberian stallions. Individual hand-painted tiles with Iberian stallion motives. Style: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 15€ each

Horse-head keyring
Horse-head keyring. Aluminium. In pink, black, purple, green, gold or blue. Very handy, with bottle opener action.  8€


Horse whistle
Horse whistle. Hand-crafted terracotta glazed whistle. A replica of the old wooden whistles that our travelling umbrella and knives' repairers used to play, as they walked through the streets offering their services. Glazing effects will vary, as this is a hand-made item. 30€






Portuguese saddle. “Relvas” model.
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Portuguese curb bit.
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Riding Cloak. "Capote Alentejano".
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Iberian stallions. Individual hand-painted tiles.
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